LGBTQ+ News: Weekly Recap (6/19/19-6/26/19)

Pride month is drawing to a close but the news continues.

Here is a rundown of some of the top LGBTQ+ news stories you might have missed over the past week:

1. Can you imagine launching a campaign for your wildest dreams, then having them come true? That happened for this trans model who will star in a lingerie campaign.

2. The South African Olympic runner, Caster Semenya, worries that others may be at risk of being treated like a “human guinea pig”.

3. Though Kenya is the only East African country where LGBTQ humans can seek refuge, gay sex is still illegal and many say they do not feel safe, especially from local police.

4. A U.S. Representative and presidential hopeful used their platform to bring attention to violence against trans women of color.

5. Dwyane Wade explains why it was important for the entire family to support his son attending the Miami Pride parade.

6. Janet Mock became the first trans woman to ink a major deal with Netflix.

7. June is not only Pride month but also Juneteenth! A list of 7 Black LGBTQ leaders came out to honor both.

8. There is a hilarious “How To Be A Stud” video that you need to see. Is it serious or satire? You can judge for yourself.

9. Alabama passed a law which could potentially allow a church with a troubling history to form its very own police force.

10. You can support the creation of Mama Gloria which is “an intimate portrait of aging about a trailblazing 73-year-old black transgender woman who transitioned before Stonewall, started a charm school for transgender youth in her 60s and is now looking for someone to spend the rest of her life with.”

11. A fashion brand collaborated with Aya Brown to create products that showcase the Black queer female experience.

12. An asexual model is launching an asexual club in London to celebrate Pride.

13. For the first time in history, there will be a Black male grand marshal in the Houston Pride Parade.

14. The Super Falcons, Nigeria’s Women’s Football team, had to threaten a sit-in protest in order to receive the unpaid bonuses owed after the Women’s World Cup.

15. Did you know that as early as the 1960s there was a legal defense that allowed people accused of murdering LGBTQ+ people to claim that they “had acted in a state of temporary insanity caused and justified by their victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity”? New York is now the newest state to ban the defense.

Did we miss something? Is there news you think is noteworthy? Send us an email at

-Porscheoy Brice

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