It is what it is, not what it could be

Break the cycle in 2018.

Not because it’s a new year, but because you deserve the unknown.

In life, I find that it is easier for most people to circle back to what they’ve always known, instead of walking in the potential of the future.

Sure, you have no idea what tomorrow may bring, but with certainty, you can say you know what yesterday held.

Let it go. Let her go. Move forward.

It is quite frightening and requires an act of great balance, but you can do it!

You will do it. You must do it.

You deserve it to yourself to embrace all the beauty, love, peace, and new experiences that GUA (God, the Universe, and the Ancestors) is trying to throw your way.

Trust the process and trust yourself.

That voice you hear inside that you keep trying to tune out, listen to it.

Do the self-work and know your self-worth.

Undoubtedly, love more, trust yourself, and keep moving forward!

-Ms. Malcolm Hughes


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