When are the Masses Going to Stop Sleeping on Miguel?

Listen, Miguel is a national treasure and we should all be appreciating him as such. Not only is he musically capable of bodying his own songs, but also everyone else’s. Don’t believe me, let the talent speak for itself:

Not enough proof? Let’s go back to the beginning. For the most part, we were all introduced to Miguel way back in 2010 when he had the single “All I Want is You” with J. Cole. I remember very vividly the first time I heard this song, it literally gave me chills. The sultriness of the music blended perfectly with Miguel’s melodic voice and mixed with the bravado and remorsefulness of Cole was sheer perfection. To this day many will argue that this is one of the best songs ever made. I have no desire to disagree. In fact, I’m still hopeful for a J. Cole and Miguel album. What? A woman can dream!

I once heard Miguel say in an interview that he never sings to women because he feels that it’s an unfair advantage. This is absolutely true. Just listen to this harmonizing:

Though I am here to argue his historic greatness, the song and video combination that has me currently thinking about throwing it all away for Miguel is the masterpiece, “Come Through & Chill.” Please understand, this song is perfection. More than that, the video is a piece of art. I love how, to quote his own words, Miguel is “sex with class.” I heard him say that in an interview and it immediately clicked with me that this is why I love him so much. As someone who exudes sex appeal but also makes sure to remain classy, I appreciate that fine balance on such a deep level. Also, Miguel with locs is BAE! However, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t acknowledge the beauty of the women in this video! Listen, mesmerizing is the correct word. I have a weakness for a sensuous woman who knows exactly what she wants, while still being elusive, and the star of this video embodies that perfectly. Finally, it’s another Miguel and J. Cole collaboration, who can deny that? Enough gushing on my end, see for yourself:

I’m not sure what Miguel has to do for us to see him clearly, but I suggest the masses catch the vibe very darn soon!

And just for the fun of it, here are some of my faves by him:

He can also serenade you while informing you of societal problems. I can’t say enough. I’m out.

-Ms. Malcolm Hughes


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