Part Deux: Guide to Having a Tear Free Valentine’s Day

*Sniffs the air vigorously* Anyone smell that??? *sniffs more* Ahhhhhh… I know that smell! Yes… It’s that undeniable scent of sweet nothings being engraved into small, sugar-covered tarts all around the globe. The lovely scent of roses, tulips and, carnations being snipped, wrapped and delivered to homes and office buildings alike. The pungent scent of…

From a Bachelor to You: How to Not be Lonely This Valentine’s Day

Well, well, well…ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year again. The time of year where all of those “Relationship Goals” posts are put to the test! Half of you all are reserving tables at lavish dining establishments, while the rest of you are compiling playlists with Bryson Tiller and K Michelle at the forefront….