Comics I Stan

What’s a book with words and pictures that isn’t a graphic novel? A comic book! Many know that I have a propensity for reading books; well, that love also extends to comics. Watch to see what current comics are holding my interest and which ones you might want to skip: Until next time, remember to…

Killmonger #3 (Comic Book Review)

As we continue to explore the fie part Killmonger series, I have added my most recent review: If you are reading, or have read, I would love to know your thoughts below. Until next time, remember to give time time and have the best day of your life–on purpose! – Ms. Malcolm Hughes

Killmonger 1 & 2 Comic Book Review

Each of us felt captivated by the portrayal of the character on the big screen, but can he keep that same engagement with his own comic book? There’s only one way to know–to read it! I have decided to read and review the five-part comic book series and share it here. I hope you enjoy…

Bingo Love (Book Review)

Have you ever heard the concept for a book and knew immediately that if done right you would love it? If so, you were basically me when I first heard of Bingo Love. Did the book live up to my expectations? Was I disappointed? Find out by watching here: Until next time, Ms. Malcolm Hughes

A Review of The Wicked + The Divine

Anyone who has spoken to me over the last two months, or watched my book reviews, knows that I have been raving about the comic book series, The Wicked + The Divine. Finally, the review is here: As always, I would love to hear your feedback! Either write it in a comment below or email…

Black Panther Comic Book Review & Poem

When the series first released I wrote about it here. Now, as we all await the release of the film, I’ve decided to review the complete series. Check it out: As a bonus, I’ve included the dynamic spoken word poem dedicated to T’Challa: One love, Ms. Malcolm Hughes

You Should be Reading The Black Panther Comic Book

The fifth issue of The Black Panther comic book series has been recently released, and it is still as great as the initial four! As an admitted Ta-Nehisi Coates fan, I can acknowledge that I was a bit skeptical of how his writing would transfer to a comic strip, but all along I have been…