‘Divorcing Atlanta’ is Full Of Unexpected Twists (Book Review)

Though not at all what I expected, I really enjoyed reading this book! This book follows four individuals (two couples) whose lives become intertwined because of an affair. Another piece that binds them all together is that they are each on the brink of what they perceive to be greatness.

The novel begins with one of our main characters going through a really challenging time. Like, really difficult! Things turn so bad that he considers doing things he never thought he would and even attempts what he perceives to be the ultimate sin. All of this is harder to digest as we are so crucially aware of the fact that he seemingly had everything he ever desired.

What’s great about the story is that it feels very realistic and the author does a good job of making the reader invested in the characters. You are not so much wanting to see them win as much as you are desiring that things get better for each of them and that they learn the necessary lessons. Though there are typos and some language that I didn’t always agree with, none of this detracted from the quality of the story.

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-Porscheoy Brice

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