‘A Deeper Love Inside’ Book Review

I’ve come to the realization that when reviewing Sister Souljah’s books they have to be reviewed from two lenses:

1. Continuing the storyline of The Coldest Winter Ever (TCWE), and
2. As a completely separate story.

When reviewing A Deeper Love Inside as a continuation of TCWE then there are many gaps and inconsistencies in the storyline, which causes me to be critical of the book and give it a grade of B-. If I’m reviewing this book as a freestanding novel that covers the life of Porsche Santiaga, then I think that the story is captivating and has created an interesting story that has strong and captivating characters. You are always rooting for the characters and desiring for them to win. Other than a missed opportunity to combat gender norms, I think this is a really good book that I genuinely enjoyed. With that perspective, I give this book a solid A. However, as the book is a part of TCWE universe, I have to settle on a final grade of A-/B+.

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-Porscheoy Brice

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