I Started A Podcast

Welcome to 2020!

Was 2019 an amazing year for you? You are one of the lucky few! Universally, 2019 was a hard year, but THANKFULLY, we made it to the other side–many didn’t!

So, what shall we accomplish with this gift of life? This blessing to see a new decade? Hopefully, reaching your highest self and achieving everything you’re called to. In that vein, I have started a podcast where I share the lessons that I have learned the hard way so that you don’t have to! I want us all to be our best selves, and this podcast is my contribution to helping us all get there.

You can listen to it on Anchor, Spotify and on Youtube. You can also follow on Instagram.

We made it to the other side. Now, let’s make it to the highest heights.

Always with love,

Ms. Malcolm Hughes


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