Revisiting the Web Series ‘Little Horribles’ [Review]

Am I the only one who missed the Little Horribles web series during its original release?

In order to catch-up, I watched the first eight episodes of the series.

Executive produced by Issa Rae, Little Horribles appears to be quite funny and captures the awkwardness of queer dating. Specifically, the mellow dramatics of lesbian dating and interactions. The web series is written and created by Amy York Rubin.

Episode 1
Have you ever been really smitten by someone, only for them to tell you that you’re not the one for them and then cry to you about wanting to find the one they’re supposed to be with? All of this happens within five minutes of the short first episode. Based on this, I wasn’t fully committed to the series, but I was intrigued enough to continue watching.

Episode 2
This episode focuses on awkward social interactions in the work environment. The protagonist is entirely too stressed about the colleague not laughing while texting “LMAO” and it comes across as a bit absurd. Apparently, it’s a weird social exchange, but I personally don’t think it’s that deep. I do it all the time, lol. Is laughing internally not a thing other humans understand? We should.

Episode 3
A prolonged horrible date that ends with the person telling our main character that she is in between apartments, and therefore would like to come back to her house to have sex, but also asks her to not talk anymore, is the third episode. If the series is nothing else, it is comedic.

Episode 4
Can you imagine masturbating in your car and then running into the person who, unknown to you, witnessed the entire orgasm and is currently mortified because of it? Well, welcome to the episode.

Episode 5
This episode is uncomfortable, to say the least. Beauty and self-esteem are at the core here and play out in disturbing ways for the main character.

Episode 6
Weight and the sometimes mismanagement of it by eating one’s emotions come up. It’s a sad and hilarious episode with the little sister covering for the transgressions of the older sister, who, at this point, is deemed out of control by her family. From what we can observe, there is definitely something more going on here.

Episode 7
Bathroom experiences should not be this random or awkward. Also, insecurity is so very loud.

Episode 8
The scenario here is just disconcerting. The flight exchange between the main character and a mother traveling with her children is petulant and one can only laugh out loud at the humor and absurdity of it all.

Watch the first episode below.

-Porscheoy Brice

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Photo: Amy York Rubin


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