“Be Your Own Dyke” ‘Sex, Love & Plasdick’ Podcast [Interview/Review]

In case you missed the announcement, there is a new lesbian podcast in town!

Sex, Love & Plasdick has a tagline of “finally, a podcast for dykes” but it’s so much more than that. Honestly, anyone who considers themselves a woman who loves women can benefit from hearing the various stances of the host and guests.

The episodes cover topics that are sometimes conceived as taboo within the lesbian/queer community but need to be discussed. Two of my personal favorites have been “Bedroom Limitations” (episode 1) and “Dykes Taking Dick” (episode 4). Ms. Malcolm Hughes was recently able to ask questions of the executive producer, Amira Shaunice, about the podcast.

I know the slogan is “finally, a podcast for dykes” but what inspired the creation of the podcast?

Jazz had been wanting to do a podcast for some time now. I also happen to be expanding the NYGTV network so it only made sense for me to approach her. We didn’t want to do a typical podcast. Of course, we wanted to cater to lesbians but we had to be specific. As a dyke herself, Jazz chose to speak to her target audience.

Who came up with the name of the podcast and what has been the reaction to it from viewers/listeners?

I came up with the name of the podcast. So far, it’s received great feedback. It’s catchy and unique.

What are the lessons you’ve learned from the first few podcast episodes?

I’ve learned controversy equals more views. As a producer, earlier episodes are always learning lessons. A chance for me to study timing and guest interactions. Each episode sparks inspiration for future topics.

Have you considered having a co-host to bring a different personality to offset the conversations? Maybe Black Roze’ aka Peyton? That was a great feature.

Roze’ was initially considered as a co-host. However, I chose not to because she and Jazz were already best friends on the new york girls series. This podcast is in a different lane. I don’t want to confuse the two shows. Rather than have a co-host I want to keep the focus on Jazz.

If you could give one piece of advice to younger lesbians who are trying to discover how to “be their own dykes” what would it be? What would you tell your younger self who was trying to figure it out?

I would tell younger lesbians to stop looking at the world for validation. There’s no set definition of what a dyke is. Be you, be comfortable and make your own rules.

What can we expect from the podcast moving forward?

Moving forward we can expect more femme guests and point of views, surprise guests and more knowledge from Jazz.

Finally, how can people submit questions to be considered as topics on the podcast?

They can submit questions by reaching out to Jazz on social media @Jdinero21 she’s very interactive.

Now, let’s get into the review.

Whew, chile, the opinions that are not at the table!

We are only four episodes in so obviously there is still room for growth. And while I can appreciate the topics the podcast covers and how I’m exposed to opinions that I may not receive on the regular, it is the voices missing that give me the most pause. For the most part, my inner circle of friends are a pretty progressive group and even if they don’t agree with something they believe that as long as it isn’t harming oneself or others, then people should be able to live their lives however they choose. This is only somewhat the case here.

As Jazz is the host she will clearly have the strongest voice and have her opinions highlighted, but, they’re often one dimensional and leave me wanting more. She appears relatively open to sexual exploration but closed off to the expansion of ideas of what it means to be a “dyke” specifically a “dyke” in New York City. In the first episode, we are informed that the masculine of center lesbians in NYC do not like to be referred to as “studs” and prefer to be called “dykes”. As someone who has dated women from NYC and only knows them to abhor all labels, this is new to me. But hey, you learn something new every day.

The saving grace of the first episode, like each subsequent episode, is the guest(s). Each guest brings a perspective which is great and adds to the shows authenticity. However, there are still voices and perspectives not on the mic that I would like to see included at some point. For instance, Director and Creator Nneka Onuorah (The Same Difference) could add a very interesting take on the perceptions and expectations being perpetuated about MOC lesbians.

Though I am always concerned whenever I hear qualifiers placed upon what it means to be a woman who loves other self-identified women, I do still like the podcast and plan to continue watching.

Are you on the fence? Watch the most recent podcast episode below:

The podcast airs every Sunday.

-Porscheoy Brice

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Photo: New York Girls TV, Instagram


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