Staying in Love: “People Seem too Crazy so I Read a Book”

The title is a line sang by Kelis on her album Food. Let me assure you that she was correct; humans are weird. No, sincerely.

Recently I was hanging out with this woman who seemed cool. I was flowing, she was flowing, it had a rhythm. After our last date, we had our first kiss. She asked for a second kiss, so there were a few more kisses that night. All was well. She asked me to let her know that I made it home. I texted her when I got in. She asked if she would have the pleasure of seeing me again. All was well. Though my main goal right now is freedom on all fronts, I said sure because her energy appeared to be on the same wave length. My one request was that she planned it because I know I can plan good outings, but wanted to see if she could keep up. All was well.

The next morning, per usual, I awoken to find a flirty text from her and this progressed throughout the morning, with me sending a final text before heading into back to back meetings. All was well. I’m not one for being attached to my phone (it actually frightens me when I look up and see everyone with their faces in the their phones so I try to avoid it) so she usually pressured me for taking too long to respond to her messages because she was a quick responder. Therefore, when she hadn’t hit me back a couple of hours later it was a bit alarming. All was maybe well. After a few hours I decided to check-in on her (even in my nonattachment I’m not completely heartless). She hits me back and says that her bestfriend was in a car accident and that she’s in a really bad head space and needs to focus on him. As someone who has been through real life traumas I get wanting to be left alone so I offer sympathy, space and for her to hit me up if she needs anything. All has changed quickly. She sends back a really sweet appreciative message says she’s been talking to his mom all day and was at the hospital for a bit and such. Great. All is obviously not well, but none of that is on my end.

The next day I checked in, because my guardian didn’t raise a complete asshole. She doesn’t hit me back. I don’t trip because when my brother was in a coma I didn’t answer my phone for anyone for extended periods of time. No biggie. Space I can easily give.

Later in the day I logged on to ig and noticed that her page had completely disappeared. I figured that she deleted social media because when you spiral you spiral and kind of want to disconnect. No big deal. I log onto my other ig page and she popped up as a recommendation…um…ok. So I go to the page and she has a post from earlier in the day and she has videos on her live feed, as if she’s been out living (not crying or in mourning). I am confused and I am confusion. I only have one question, what was the point of the elaborate lie? In the words of the younger and unmarried Jay-Z, “y’all chase ’em I replace ’em with another one” so I quickly deleted her number and am keeping it pushing. HOWEVER, I just needed to share that wild story with the world because that was so unnecessary. Don’t lie.

Happy Women’s History Month?…!

Until next time, remember to give time time and have the best day of your life–on purpose!
– Ms. Malcolm Hughes


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