Can You Explain to Me Open Relationships?

Okay, Okay, Okay…I feel like a lot of people are sharing stories about how nonmonogamy is making them happy, but is it just me or do they all sound like they’re in monogamous relationships? Now, before you think this is a hate article, understand that I have always said that monogamy isn’t for everyone–I get it.

Not to pick on Ari Fitz, because I feel like opposed to other videos I’ve seen she actually seems happy, but hers is the video I’ve watched most recently:

Maybe I am mistaken in how I classify open relationships, but the description simply reminds me of any other romantic relationship. For instance:

-Each day individuals make the decision, whether consciously or subconsciously, to stay in a relationship with the person they have chosen to be her/his partner; that is always a daily choice.

-Whenever individuals are faced with the opportunity to date, sleep with, and/or be involved with anyone on a romantic level, there is always a choice to partake or not. Perhaps the difference here is that people would say that folks in open relationships have a choice, but everyone has the same choice. The real question is if that individual is willing to live with the consequences of her/his actions.

Maybe I’m confused. Please explain if your understanding is different.

-Ms. Malcolm Hughes


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