Can Drake Withstand the Push?

I once wrote an article about how much I love and live for quality rap battles. Now, to my surprise and amusement, a worthwhile one is finally upon us: Drake vs. Pusha T. This beef has been going on for so long that I nearly forgot it was a thing!

On Pusha T’s newest album, Daytona, Push took jabs at multiple artists, but none garnered the same attention as his attack on Drake. The song “Infrared” continues a decade-long beef between the two. In essence, the beef is more Pusha T. versus Birdman, aka Baby, than anyone else, including Lil Wayne. Initially, the beef began with Push T versus Lil Wayne, but even then, his most sincere jabs were at the indentured servitude terms of the contract that Lil Wayne is signed under. Now, Pusha T did take slight jabs at Drake and Drake being the “I can bear the weight for us all” YMCMB rapper that he is decided to throw his bars at Pusha T and make it personal between the two.

Listen, I love Drake when I’m going through a breakup as much as the next person. However, Push’s pen isn’t to be messed with. A lot of people have been saying that Drake will get Pusha T out of here, like Meek Mill, but let’s discuss what Drake really has going for him. To keep it simple, Drake has a larger fanbase, social media presence, and artistry going for him. But the things I did not say are bars, cadence, rap ability. By no means am I saying that Drake cannot rap, but Drake is not a lyricist; the two are not the same.

Will Drake win this battle, probably to the public eye, but not bar for bar. For instance, just observe how it’s already playing out on social media:

To be honest, the best battle would be No Malice vs. Lil Wayne, but since we aren’t getting the grade A battle, but the second tier, I’m rocking with the unpopular opinion of Pusha T. I know that going against Drake is kind of like going at Hov, in the sense that his career dominates over many of his peers, and he’ll inevitably win the war, even if they win a battle here or there.

-Ms. Malcolm Hughes


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