A Few of My Favorite Things 2018: Quarter 1

I can’t believe the first quarter of 2018 is already over!

I want to take a moment to reflect on some of my favorite experiences and most used items of 2018. Here we go:

1. Maluma’s F.A.M.E. Concert

As I’ve stated in other posts, concerts are one of my many favorite pastimes. In March I only attended one concert, but it was the one to attend! I was fortunate enough to be there the opening night of Maluma’s F.A.M.E. tour, and let me say, I was not disappointed! Though I was only 1 of about 4 Non-Latinx in attendance, I felt right at home singing along with the self-proclaimed “pretty boy, dirty boy” and his other adoring fans. In fact, at one point the women next to me spoke to me in Spanish and we all enjoyed a dirty joke about what would be done to Maluma if he were in their hands, lol. Fun times!

2. Spring Fashion

As spring is finally here, that means we can begin bringing back out our lighter clothing. As for me, it’s the perfect time to get a final wear out of hybrid clothing pieces that might be packed away until the following autumn. One of my most comfortable pair of Jordan’s is the 13 Bordeaux that released in 2017. They are so comfy and add a nice finishing touch to any outfit. As a final point of validation of the dopeness of the shoe, while wearing them recently a young girl tugged on her father’s arm and said, “daddy, I like her shoes!”

Also, what says spring better than a Chanel jumbo classic flap? I know a lot of luxury fashion houses are opposed to the wearing of their purses with gym shoes (sneakers for those of you not from the midwest) but I don’t believe fashion should come with rules, so I tend to ignore them. Besides, at least in this picture, I’ve paired the purse with the Karl Lagerfeld Vans \o/.

3. Louis Vuitton Agenda PM

This little agenda is not only delightful to look at but super convenient to use! What I love most about it is that it fits into nearly all of my handbags without taking up too much space.

4. Lianne La Hava’s “Is Your Love Big Enough?” LP

I have waited for five years to get my hands on this vinyl and I can not be more excited to finally have it in my collection. Honestly, it is the rawest sounding vinyl I’ve ever heard. It truly is the closest thing to seeing her in concert, but even the LP doesn’t hold a candle to how captivating she is in person.

5. Spring

I live for summer nights! Since summer isn’t yet here, spring is the next best thing. I’ve been hitting the town a little bit more and seeing what DC has to offer. In the process of this exploration, it is inevitable that you’ll meet new people. I’ve met some new really cool people around the town that I can laugh and hang out with. Spring reminds us that warmth is coming and no matter what, things are about to heat up. Spring is a season of optimism, starting anew. Spring is a season of embracing the rebirth that the universe is offering. Considering I was born in spring, I find it the perfect time to embrace the present.

6. Grown-ish

I absolutely love and adore this show! What I appreciate most about it is that though it’s targeted at young adults I feel like everyone can relate to it. It teaches life lessons without seeming preachy, which is awesome!

7. Lucille Clifton poems

Ms. Clifton is a poet’s poet. If you haven’t gotten a dose of this medicine for your soul, then I suggest you do so immediately!

What are you currently loving? Let me know below.

-Ms. Malcolm Hughes


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