Watch or Pass: 2018 Movie Releases

1. Annihilation

Release Date: 2/23/2018
Roger & Ebert Rating: 3.5 out of 4
Ms. Malcolm Hughes Rating: Pass
I thought the movie was well done, and I appreciated the actresses and actors, but the ending fell super flat for me.

2. Black Panther

Release Date: 2/16/2018
Roger & Ebert Rating: 4 out of 4
Ms. Malcolm Hughes Rating: Watch
I’ve seen this movie four times and am contemplating seeing it a fifth. To say it is amazing is an understatement. It is visually and spiritually stimulating and should be experienced by all, at least once.
“When the villain still manages to make your eyes tear up despite trying to murder the hero in the previous scene, you know you’re in the presence of great acting and storytelling.” Indeed.

3. Call Me By Your Name

Release Date: 1/18/2018
Roger & Ebert Rating: 4 out of 4
Ms. Malcolm Hughes Rating: Watch
Quite frankly, I did not anticipate enjoying this movie as much as I did. Other than the fact that the actor, Armie Hammer, looked more like someone’s father than a college student, which forced the viewer to remember that pedophilia isn’t happening here and therefore the romance is okay, I have nothing negative to say. The storyline developed at a somewhat slow, but steady pace and really pulls you in emotionally.

4. Death Wish

Release Date: 3/2/2018
Roger & Ebert Rating: 1.5 out of 4
Ms. Malcolm Hughes Rating: Pass
You don’t need to see this movie, but I also wouldn’t not recommend it. Due to the content of the movie you definitely cannot categorize it as a “feel good” movie, however, I didn’t leave the theater feeling heavy after and in a sense that is a win? Maybe not.

5. Love, Simon

Release Date: 3/16/2018
Roger & Ebert Rating: 3.5 out of 4
Ms. Malcolm Hughes Rating: Watch
After watching this movie I immediately sent a review text to my friend which simply read: ‘My. Queer. Heart.’ The film does include all of the romantic comedy clichés, but it’s so refreshing to see here. The adult me loved it. The teenage me who came out at 15 loved it even more! I’m a sucker for a good rom-com, and this is one of the better ones. I’ll probably see it again. It gave me the same feeling of hope and infinite possibilities as “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” Coming from me, that’s saying quite a lot.
“In one poignant scene, Simon’s mother says to him, “You can exhale now, Simon.” That’s what I sensed in the screening of “Love, Simon,” and that’s what the film is. A long overdue exhale.”

6. Red Sparrow

Release Date: 3/2/2018
Roger & Ebert Rating: 2 out of 4
Ms. Malcolm Hughes Rating: Pass
I do not hate this film as much as many others did. Though at points it was somewhat unbelievably and progressed way too quickly, I found it mildly entertaining. Many arguments have been made that Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t the right fit for this role, but I thought she did a fine job. I mean, she’s obviously no ballerina, but other than her wigs, I did not hate her performance.
“The fact that Dominika is told early on that her “body belongs to the state”—which was the case long before she started training to be a spy—makes her the object of constant leering, and that male gaze gives “Red Sparrow” a skeevy vibe from which it never deviates.” Yes, this is my biggest complaint.

7. A Wrinkle in Time

Release Date: 2/26/2018
Roger & Ebert Rating: 2.5 out of 4
Ms. Malcolm Hughes Rating: Watch
I have a friend who has seen “A Wrinkle In Time” and try as he might he can’t figure out what any of the complaints are about. So yes, there are some people who love the film. As for me, honestly, I wanted the film to be more. It felt disjointed in quite a few places and like it was reaching for something it didn’t quite achieve. I didn’t hate it, but I did want it to be better. I also think I would’ve preferred had they followed the actual book more closely–I think it would have made for a better film. But I’m also mindful of the fact that I’m not the target audience and that the film wasn’t created for me. If you have younger siblings, or children, or a mentee, etc., I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Happy watching!

Ms. Malcolm Hughes


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