I’m so Disappointed in You All!

Why is it so easy to pull the wool over sheep’s eyes? No, but really, why is it so easy to appease the masses?

People have been contacting me, telling me I need to listen to Wendy’s mixtape like its absolute fire. IT’S AN ABOMINATION!

Can we please stop disrespecting and pimping out hip-hop? No, really, can we stop with the debasing? I feel like somehow it’s been permitted to leave the toddler alone with the sleazy uncle while all the adults drink in the backyard and pretend they don’t know what’s going on in the house.

I’m not frustrated with the rapper, sure, she was fine. However, Wendy’s, a big corporation, using the popularity of hip-hop to gain profit and pander to the Black community is hugely problematic. I’m not here for it and definitely do not support the exploitation of the hip-hop culture and community for corporate profit. So, no, I don’t think it’s good or worth my, or your, valuable listening time.

-Ms. Malcolm Hughes


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