Is Your Love Big Enough? Re-Release…I Need Answers!

For the better part of the last 5 years, I have been on a hunt to find Lianne La Havas’ debut album, Is Your Love Big Enough? on vinyl. However, up until today, I hadn’t purchased it because it was limited edition release and being resold for upward of $400. But low and behold, today I conducted my random Google search that I do periodically to see if the prices are more reasonable and guess what I found…It has been quietly re-released and can be found on multiple websites for as little $30. There are no articles stating the re-release. It’s like magic, suddenly there are copies available again. However, even with the lack of press release fans seem to have gotten wind somehow, because sites are saying they only have 1 or 4 copies left in stock.

In short, I have already purchased my copy and you should do the same before all physical copies are gone, again!

-Ms. Malcolm Hughes


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  1. I thought this was a question. My answer would be NO.

    1. Your answer would be no, that your love is not big enough?

      1. Yes, that is my final answer. I do not have that except for a select few famliy and friends. You cannot give what you do not have.

      2. You cannot, but there’s still hope for expansion :).

      3. I hope so because I am at my wits end with this current bullcrap.

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