Part Deux: Guide to Having a Tear Free Valentine’s Day

*Sniffs the air vigorously*

Anyone smell that???

*sniffs more*

Ahhhhhh… I know that smell! Yes… It’s that undeniable scent of sweet nothings being engraved into small, sugar-covered tarts all around the globe. The lovely scent of roses, tulips and, carnations being snipped, wrapped and delivered to homes and office buildings alike. The pungent scent of countless sweaty palms, as their owners muster up the courage to ask said crush, spouse or that poor friend-zoned pal of yours, that single question… Will you be my Valentine? Yep… That’s right! Ladies and gents, it is Valentine’s Day 2018! Many of you have waited all year long for this heart-warming, Hallmark fueled holiday. While drenched in nerves, you’ve stalked Instagram profiles all year, viewed every Snapchat story hoping to hear his/her favorite song or perhaps you’ve even envisioned your own wedding montage featuring Daniel Caesar’s “Blessed” in the background. No shade! There is nothing wrong with those head over hills in love, but there are others that just see it as the Wednesday before Black Panther’s theatrical release. I know what you’re thinking, you’re saying to yourself, “I couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day!” No matter how you feel about February 14th, I have got all the tips you need to make it an evening bae will never forget; as well as a better “bae-less” Hump-day than last week! Here are more gems on how to have a successful Valentine’s Day whether you’re single or coupled.

Plan accordingly: Now you may be thinking that this is common sense, but we all fall short. Every single one of us has seen that cliché sitcom entry where our protagonist forgets Valentine’s Day/Anniversary and spends 20 chaos-filled minutes attempting to make the night special while pulling wool over their spouse’s eyes. Normally, it works itself out and our studio audience cackles while the catchy theme song is cued but…I’ve got news for you… YOU AIN’T ANDRE JOHNSON NOR ARE YOU ISSA DEE!!! (Just to name a few) Unlike the folks in the pretty picture box, things are not guaranteed to work out for you in the case that you just throw something together for your partner. Fellas lets avoid Netflix at all cost, and ladies lets not rely solely on that little red number you picked up on sale at VS back in December. Take the time to arrange a real outing! Relax and jot a few ideas down to make it memorable! This not only goes for the coupled but also for my single folks as well. If you have a hard time getting through the sappy holidays by your lonesome, plan an entire evening for yourself. Go get pampered, catch that Idris Elba movie you’ve been hearing so much about or even plan a game night with other single friends. The more time and effort you put into the evening, the more you’ll get out of it.

Think outside of the box… and circle… and rectangle: You may be wondering what in tarnation I mean by that but this tip directly correlates with the first! While planning this incredible night, think outside of the norm! Fellas, if you and your queen hightail it for the cinema or book reservations at the same delicatessen each and every year then SWITCH THAT SH*T UP! Ladies, if you make your king that same dry, baked mostaccioli that his mama told you was his favorite a couple years back, SWITCH THAT SH*T UP! Show your partner that you still GOT it! Perhaps this year, you contact her place of work arranging an off day with her supervisor because you’ve planned a heartfelt scavenger hunt around the city! Or you make a calculated “small” gesture on Valentine’s Day only to plan a weekend road trip to see his favorite band! I promise you that by going that extra mile, you’ll make your partner’s day that more special. Oh… AND THE SENTIMENT WON’T GO UNNOTICED! My fellow single folks, I ain’t forgot about you! I know this year Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday but gather a couple other single comrades and go indoor skydiving or check out a play you’ve been itching to see! Taking a step out of your comfort-zone can turn your lonely V-Day into an unforgettable night.

Remember… There are 364 other days of the year: I think we all know what this tip hints to. Many of us get engulfed by the pretty crimson script plastered around town during this time and forget that Valentine’s Day is only once a year but that special someone is right by your side for the rest of those 364 days. Never forget to try just as hard once the hype is over and the dust has settled to give them butterflies. Trust me, fellas, she’ll enjoy that hot lavender scented bubble bath you drew for her next week too! Ladies, he’ll feel quite fondly about that neck massage once the football season starts back up as well! Always go above and beyond for someone/something you care about and not just on glorified cash-grab holidays. This also goes for my single brethren! In order to find your perfect partner, you must first find yourself. Use this time to do just that! To hell with the lavish “My Super Sweet 16” budget pity parties and endless sulking! Get to know and better yourself so that when s/he does cross your path, you’re introducing them to a being you’ve crafted and nurtured.

The moral of the story kiddos is to take nothing for granted! Whether you’re “caked up” with Bae… or Ben and Jerry’s, you will not allow the expectations of the day to steal your joy! Love those around you but most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF! Looky there, this is the part where I tell you all to have a safe and loving Valentine’s Day! Enjoy it and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! Oh, and before I forget… to my single brethren, a lot of us are traveling to Wakanda this weekend! You’re more than welcome to join!



Llewellyn Skulark is an Art Director hailing from Chicago, IL. He is owner of The Good Triumph Young graphic t-shirt brand and his work can be admired at He draws creative inspiration from music, movies and all things Kanye. You can find him on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter @Llewelark.


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