Rah Digga on “Rate the Bars” proves she might be trash?

How did Talib Kweli’s rap not make sense? That entire verse goes hard. I’m now skeptical of her capacity to judge hip hop. Like, if it doesn’t rhyme the rap is trash? Because it goes over your head means it’s wack? Come now, that just doesn’t make sense. I agree with Jay-Z that, “Just because you don’t understand him it don’t mean that he nice/it just means you don’t understand all the bullshit that he writes.” But this was not a case of that. It was a simple enough rap to understand. It just required a little more mental depth than Rah Digga was willing to extend. Honestly, I’m highly disappointed.

Maybe part of the blame is due to the editing of the video, but it seemed that there was a dearth of rap knowledge on the part of Rah, like maybe she hasn’t listened to a lot of hip-hop. Usually, people are aware of who they’re dissing. Maybe I’m biased, but I think everyone should be a student of their craft. Check it out for yourself below:

-Ms. Malcolm Hughes


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