Music Monday: American Idol Edition

Are you guys watching the final season of American Idol? If not, you’re definitely missing out. The top 8 are undoubtedly some of the best talent to ever grace an American Idol stage. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it by highlighting my top two:

1. La’Porsha Renae

Talk about a powerhouse voice! She is a currently going through a divorce from an abusive marriage and she is also raising a young daughter. Her struggle, yet desire to triumph, becomes very apparent when she sings.

Avalon Young

I’m not sure if she is, and it doesn’t matter if she is or isn’t, but I really want her to be a lesbian. For my own personal reasons, lol. However, none of that adds or takes away from her beautiful voice and intriguing demeanor. I do believe we have a young star in the making.

Since it is the last season let’s take a moment to honor some of the talent of Idol past with one of my favorite songs right now:

Right Here, Right Now by Jordin Sparks

I hate when I discover good music late, but I guess that’s better than never having discovered it at all!

-Ms. Malcolm Hughes

Ms. Malcolm Hughes is the editor-in-chief of For Your Black? Conscious. She is a Chicago, IL native–from the city, not the suburbs–strategizing in Washington, D.C. She strives every day not to disappoint or defer the dreams of her 13 year old self. Because at that age, more than any other, she just wanted to see her people win. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter @fybconscious.


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