5 Artists You Need On Your Playlist This Valentine’s Day Weekend

Whether you’re single or booed up, you’ll need the perfect playlist to get you through this weekend. We’ve got you covered with the artists we’re sure will make your Valentine’s Day a memorable one!

1. Bryson Tiller
He has been writing his own music for quite some time–since the age of 15, but it is the single “Don’t” that put him on the map. His sultry, yet honest, vibe has him on our list of artist that will undoubtedly set the mood this Valentine’s Day weekend. Not sure about where to start? We have the perfect song to begin with:

2. Tory Lanez
Tory took over the charts in 2015 with his single “Say It” but he has been around since 2009. His raspy voice mixed with modern day autotune is both calming and exhilarating. We recommend him as an addition to your pre and post V-day playlist.

3. Tori Kelly
This songstress has been in our hearts for quite some time. She reached main stream popularity in 2013 with her single “Nobody Love” but fans have been enjoying the work of the singer/song writer since 2004. This song might be reserved for “the one” so choose it wisely.

4. Mario
This arguably very underrated artist is always the perfect tuner to have on any romantic playlist. He originally jumped onto the scene in 2002 by reminding us all how much it sucks to be placed in the “friend zone.” Check out this record that will be sure to warm the heart.

5. Jeremih
What would a playlist be without Mr. “Birthday Sex” himself? Not much of a playlist at all! Though Jeremih is most often associated with his debut single, he has other tunes that will help you keep, or get back, your boo this weekend. Observe for yourself:

– Ms. Malcolm Hughes

Ms. Malcolm Hughes is the editor-in-chief of For Your Black? Conscious. She is a Chicago, IL native–from the city, not the suburbs–strategizing in Washington, D.C. She loves pizza and challenges you to find her a better pie than she gets back home. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter @fybconscious.


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