How the people of color stole the Super Bowl!

The people of color definitely stole the Super Bowl! While watching it I couldn’t contain the little girl in me who dreamed of marrying both Malcolm X and Huey P. Newton. Not only was the singing on point, but the guy and girl power! Come through!!!!

I know that white people are upset and are attempting to say that Beyonce is a racist, my response? Go read a book and learn some history! Until you have lived in a country where your people have been systematically designed to be at the bottom of the totem pole, you can’t speak. No, seriously, your opinion is invalid.

The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense and Malcolm X have always frightened America. Why? For the same reasons that some companies prefer that workers not be unionized. Black people have always been viewed through the lens of monetary value, and the attempt to take back, not demand, not ask, but take back their whole humanity, frightens America.

I loved it. I loved the afros. I loved the all black apparel. I loved the disregard for opinions (otherwise known as “no f*cks given”). I loved the Black panther leather, berets and FORMATION. I loved the X (Malcolm X) formation. I loved the collaboration between Bruno Mars and Beyonce, which was a tribute to masculine and feminine energies. Because you can compete, but it’s best when we work together.

My life is gotten, and I will strut into work tomorrow in my stilettos like “get in formation before I funk you up.” No LOL needed because this is a serious matter! Watch below:

-Ms. Malcolm Hughes

Ms. Malcolm Hughes is the editor-in-chief of For Your Black? Conscious. She is a Chicago, IL native–from the city, not the suburbs–strategizing in Washington, D.C. She loves pizza and challenges you to find her a better pie than she gets back home. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter @fybconscious.


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