17 Must see Black Lesbian/Queer web series, movies and documentaries

After attending a screening of The Same Difference, a friend and I had lunch with fellow moviegoers and we discussed the web series we watch. After an impassioned conversation, a friend stated that there needed to be a comprehensive list somewhere. Now, we have one.

As I discover new series, movies, and documentaries I will add them with **s below.


1. “Studville”

I absolutely LOVE this web series. I won’t lie, when I first tried to watch Studville I couldn’t get into it. However, after much praise from a friend I gave it another try. Yes, I am glad that I did. The characters are not only relatable but enjoyable. I won’t give too much away, but this group of friends goes through it, yet their bond is what sees them through the trying times. Also, there was a scene so genius at the end of season 2 that it actually made me scream and eventually brought tears to my eyes. I won’t give too much away, but I will say that when I transcend please let “God” be a beautiful, Black, masculine-of-center woman with long luscious locs, lol. Watch the first episode below.

2. “Between Women”

Here is a show that will have you on the edge of your seat from episode 1. Not only will the drama encapsulate you, but it tackles issues that warrant more attention in the LGBT community. Among the issues covered are domestic violence, infidelity, insecurities, and co-parenting. There are characters you’ll love, there​ are characters you’ll despise, but you’ll enjoy the rollercoaster ride.

3. “District Heat”

Upon moving to DC this was one of the first shows I was introduced to. Now, with that, I may be a little biased in my liking of it, but the views led me to believe otherwise. The show starts off edgier than many of the others. I would argue that it’s somewhat of a cross between The Wire, Studville and The L Word. Seems like a bit too much going on? Not at all! By the end of season 1, you’ll find yourself rooting for Ali and Willow or crushing on Syncere.

4. “If I was Your Girl”

A spinoff from the movie, the web series will captivate you. The characters, issues, sex appeal, desperation, new opportunities, redemption, and insanity will keep you on the edge of your seat.

5. “Bois”

I watched half of the first episode so I don’t feel like I’ve seen enough to give a fair review. It did seem like it was attempting to bring to light topics that are somewhat frowned upon in the community, which was nice.

6. “Love, Lies, and Lesbians of Mobile”

I haven’t had the chance to watch this yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Mobile, like Alabama? I’m intrigued to see a show based on a less popular city. Maybe it will shine a light on new topics, or at least bring nuance to some present ones.

7. “NYGTV”

When I say I LOVE this show! Boop, know that if you ever feel lonely you are free to call me, lol!! Seriously, it is easy to become invested in the characters and their wellbeing. Give it a try!

8. “The Lez Factor”

“Lesbians of color talking about love, sex, and relationships from OUR perspective.” Friends have told me good things, but I have not been able to fully watch it for myself. However, my friends have good tastes, so I say check it out!

** “Entangled with You”

Quite frankly, this may be the best web series I’ve ever seen. Not only does it have a well-developed plot, but it’s also​ hilarious! Furthermore, the characters are believable and you truly become invested. I was so excited when I stumbled upon it that I just had to share.

** “Girls Just Don’t Do That

I’m on my first episode, but I can say that I’m interested enough to continue on to episode two. There are multiple storylines, some better than others. My favorite storyline currently is the lesbian couple with a very dysfunctional relationship. Can’t wait to see what happens in episode two.

** “Lipstick the Series”
I haven’t watched this in while primarily because the episodes were so inconsistent at some point that I stopped keeping up, but I did enjoy it and have heard good things about it since. I’m planning to check it out again over the holidays. Also, Carter the Body has joined the cast, so at the very least it’ll be ​good eye candy.

** “Come Take a Walk With Me”

I’m only two episodes in, and I must admit that I was a little skeptical, but I’m kind of into it. Granted, some of the acting is a little over the top, and I don’t like the family dynamics at all, but I do like the complexity of the storyline and how the progression feels realistic.

Anytime an episode begins with a queer masculine of center woman encouraging herself I have to give it a chance. As the pilot episode,​ I really appreciate the various scenarios depicted and how they effortlessly show real-world​ situations without them seeming forced. As a bonus, I love that a little stud for stud romantic encounter occurs and no one bats an eye, as it always should be. Now as for the bars of the rapper? I’ll let you be the judge.


I’m three episodes in and I must say that this web series has the best music selection of any other that I’ve seen. Scenically, it’s well shot and does a great job of depicting Dallas as this green and vibrant city. However,  as I’m watching it, the one question that keeps going through my mind is, so, does no one respect relationships and boundaries? The sexual tension in everyone’s dynamic is a bit overwhelming, yet secretly enticing at the same time. It has been a while since I have watched a series that has caused me to feel such internal conflict–but, in a good way. I enjoy the comedic relief in the writing and the range of storylines: from tackling infidelity and abuse, to P.T.S.D. and freedom of sexual attraction. Though sometimes the series is a bit outlandish, it never feels forced or fantastical.  I’m invested and eager to see what happens moving forward. Seriously, the storyline in Gayborhood Dallas is well worth watching.


1. The Lies w​e Tell, but the Secrets we Keep

This film is intense. Being from Chicago it’s cool to see a lot of people I know in the film, but that doesn’t make it any less intense. It shows a grungier side of the L and B in LGBT. Rape, promiscuity, exotic dancing, homelessness, abuse, violence, and a love so intense that it borders on insanity. Is it perfect? By no means, but it is a film that could help foster dialogue around these hot topic issues.

2. If I was Your Girl

Anytime a film begins with the same music that Cleo, from Set It Off, died to you know it’s going to be a good film. I love the acting in this movie, especially from crazy and manipulative Lynn. It also features a host of other talents, with special attention being given to Temper. It provided the opportunity for people to see her as more than a rapper. You’ll find yourself laughing throughout, but it does still cover serious issues–especially letting go of toxic relationships and finding the love one deserves. This will definitely be a film you can watch more than once.

3. Life under the Rainbow

I haven’t had the opportunity to watch this yet, but it is definitely on the list. I’ve heard really good things.

4. My Mama Said Yo Mama’s a Dyke

This is a hilariously outrageous film. Can you be made un-lesbian? All I will say is give it a watch!

5. Girls Like Us

This film is comical. Seriously, you’ll be laughing throughout. Sometimes being selfless comes with a price.

6. Ladies Lust Love

I saw this film a while ago. I remember finding it interesting, but I can’t recall all of the details. I do recall it unpacking the issue of infidelity.

**Clean Hands

Sometimes loving each other isn’t enough. Sometimes sacrifices and difficult choices have to be made. When it comes down to your familial beliefs or your partner who do you choose?


1. The Same Difference

This documentary tackles the ​discrimination that we place on each other within the LGBT community. It analyzes push-button​ issues such as stud for stud (S4S), bisexuality, studs/doms who wear weave, pregnant studs, the perception of studs wanting to be men, gender binaries, heteronormativity and more. I feel as if I would have liked to see the documentary delve more into the struggles of femme presenting women, and trans individuals, but I do understand the focus of the film and I can appreciate it from that angle. Also, the fact that it is bringing light to internal discrimination in the community and helping to foster critical conversations is extremely important. Furthermore, the director’s goals for the film are inspirational and worth supporting. The documentary isn’t currently available online but is being screened around the US and I would highly recommend supporting if it comes to a city near you. You can find dates by following the links below.

You can check for dates on Facebook at the link “https://www.facebook.com/samedifferencedocumentary?fref=ts”> or follow on instagram @thesamedifferencedoc

2. black./womyn.

This is one of the documentaries on my list that I regret having not watched yet. The trailer seems amazing and thought-provoking.​ I’m planning to watch it and I would recommend you to do the same. Also, for those of you vying to know how the brilliant poet Nayyirah Waheed looks, there is an appearance here.

3. The Aggressives

Quite the interesting documentary. It follows different aggressives, also known as AGs, and covers their experiences. It provides the opportunity to appreciate numerous perspectives and hear an unfamiliar opinion that may help to broaden the way you view a subject matter.

**Miss UnderSTUD**

I love all womyn, but there will always be a soft spot in my spirit for masculine of centre womyn. This documentary examines what exactly it means to be a “stud.” It’s heartwarming and beautifully done. The fact that this also includes some of my loves from back home, Chicago, is only an added bonus.

-Porscheoy Brice


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  1. Have you checked out Gayborhood Dallas yet? Check us out on Youtube.com. 12 Episodes.

    1. Yes! I have finally gotten the chance to watch it and you will see my review reflected above. After watching it, I regret that it has taken me so long to get to it. Thanks for reminding me and congrats on a job well done!

  2. rocdiva4040 says:

    Thank you for this list!

    1. Thanks for reading.

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